Editing Services Request Form

The Research Enhancement Unit (REU) offers GW faculty the services of a seasoned editor in federal grant and contract applications.

 There are several important guidelines to make note of:

  1. This is a first-come, first-served opportunity that will be available on a limited basis based on the editor’s schedule.
  2. Editing services will be provided on federal projects only at this time.
  3. Principal investigators (PIs) most likely to be scheduled should be prepared to provide a reasonably complete draft of both their proposal’s specific aims/research objectives and the full narrative three (3) full calendar weeks in advance of proposal due date.
  4. Faculty members will receive edited materials within two or three days, but no later than one (1) week after providing them to REU and receiving confirmation of service availability.
  5. The editor will be available for consultation on the proposals, and faculty members should be prepared to give their contact information to the editor in the event that some discussion or clarification is necessary to expedite the process.  All editor comments will be returned as “tracked changes.”

Complete the form below to request more information or to discuss whether editing services would be available for your proposal.

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