Grant Proposal Waiver Request

To ensure timely processing of grant applications, final proposals must be routed in the Cayuse 424 electronic system and reach the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) for review and submission approval five business days prior to the sponsor's deadline.

In the rare event that a proposal cannot be submitted at least five business days prior to the sponsor's deadline, a waiver request will be needed to proceed with OSP's review for submission approval. This waiver request must be approved by the principal investigator's associate dean for research or equivalent and the director of sponsored projects.

While a waiver allows for the submission of a completed proposal after the five-day deadline, any items that require collaboration or review and approval by senior university leadership (i.e. letters of support, cost sharing, conflict of interest, etc.) must be finalized prior to submission and final review by OSP.

To request such a waiver, please complete the electronic form below.

Please enter the name of the individual who is requesting the waiver, if different from the PI.
The Cayuse Proposal ID can be found by opening the Proposal Summary section of Cayuse and clicking the light blue 'i' in the top left corner (for 'Proposal Information'). The Proposal ID will be the first number listed.
Please enter the actual deadline date for this grant proposal submission.


  • Out of Office / Short-Staffed
  • Modifications / Incomplete Proposal
  • Errors / Oversight / Miscommunication about Award Process
  • Technical Issues
  • Complexity of Application (i.e. International Project)
  • Delay with Department Approval or Review


  • Great Opportunity
  • Late Invitation to Participate in Project
  • Late Notice of Available Extra Funds

Subcontractor Delay

  • Incomplete Subcontractor Paperwork
  • Subcontractor Delay in Approvals or Budget Completion
View a list of OSP staff by portfolio, including pre-award administrators, by clicking here. (This link will open in a new window.)
Please note the date you plan to submit your proposal to OVPR for review and submission. This date must be at least one business day prior to the sponsor's deadline.