Research Advancement Initiatives

The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) aims to implement progressive enhancements to research administration processes to reduce administrative burden on researchers. Proposed initiatives are evaluated based on their ability to increase research activity, support a diversified research funding portfolio and introduce enterprise-wide efficiencies in research support operations.

Advancement initiatives are prioritized and developed in consultation with the research community, affiliated offices and university leadership.

More information about recently completed and planned initiatives can be found below.

If you have additional questions regarding these initiatives, or would like to contribute your skills and expertise in any way, please contact [email protected].

Organizational Improvements

Recently completed initiatives:
  • Realignment of Research Support Services: A pilot project where school-based research administrators were hired to assist principal investigators with initiating research transactions.
  • Organizational Changes within OSP: Pre-award administrator profiles were realigned; roles with award setup and analysis responsibilities were separated from roles with subaward administration; a new unit that includes both award setup and subaward management was created; school research administrator roles created as part of the Realignment of Research Support Services pilot are now located within, and managed by, their respective schools.

Reducing Administrative Burden through Process and Systems Upgrades

Recently completed initiatives:
  • Research Hiring: University Human Resources and OSP partnered to improve hiring workflow processes, timeliness and communication.
  • Automated Process for Requesting Grantee-Approved No-Cost Extensions: The new process, initiated by submitting an online form that is routed for approval, replaces the requirements for a memo and updated budget.
  • Award Set-up: OSP deployed electronic workflow tools to facilitate more automated transfer of data between university systems and is working to streamline the award set-up process and reduce the time from award notice to set-up.

Enhancing Training and Communications

Recently completed initiative:
  • New OSP Website: Launched a standalone OSP website featuring self-service tools, more intuitive structure for content and content geared towards customer service experience.