Reviewing & Approving Proposals in Cayuse 424

Cayuse 424 supports the electronic routing of proposals from the principal investigator (PI) to the final approver. Clicking on the Routing tab at the top of the Cayuse 424 home screen will show you a list of proposals that may need your review in the near future. When a proposal is routed to you for approval, an e-mail notification will be sent with the subject line “Cayuse424 System Notification: proposal awaiting your attention (Due Date)” and a link to the specific proposal.

Once the PI has initiated the routing, the following steps can be used to review and approve proposals with Cayuse 424:

Step 1:  Log in to Cayuse 424.

  1. Enter your Cayuse 424 URL:
  2. Enter your username and password (same as your GW email login). Click Sign-on.

Step 2: Find the proposal for approval

  1. Click the “Routing” tab located on the top of the page.
  2. Review list of proposals that are either waiting your immediate action or will come to you in the near future. For any proposal listed, you are part of the “routing chain” and will need to approve the proposal before it can be submitted.
  3. Determine how many “steps away” a proposal is before a proposal will be ready for your review. This shows how many people have to approve it before it will reach you. Proposals that are ready for your review immediately will have an “*” beside them and will display a zero in the “steps away” column.
  4. Determine how long the proposal has been awaiting your action under the “Days old” column.
  5. Click on the proposal link to review a specific proposal.  GW proposals should be named as: [PI Last Name]/[Sponsor] - [Short Proposal Title]

Step 3: Review the proposal

  1. Click “Summary” (under “Proposal Summary,” located on the left hand side of the screen) for information regarding this proposal.
  2. Click “Documents” to review uploaded documents for accuracy. Uploaded documents should include: COI disclosures, budget, budget justification and other forms pertinent to the proposal. For non-federal proposals, this will be where all narrative documents can be found.
  3. As a reminder of what each person in the routing chain is certifying, review the list of proposal approvals.

Step 4: Approve (or retract) the proposal

  1. After review, click the Routing and Approval button . A page showing the routing chain (this is the list of approvers) will open. Click the box next to your name. This opens the page "ACTION."
  2. Click "Approve" and add any comments, as needed. After approving, the system will take you back to the routing chain page.


You can retract the proposal's approval and "send it back" to the appropriate person in the chain for revisions by unchecking the box next to that person's name. Any later approvals will also be retracted, as each of those people must re-review the proposal after any necessary changes are made.

A few important notes:

  • Once a proposal is completely prepared, the PI can begin the routing process.
  • If the routing chain needs to be edited (an additional person added), the  next to “Edit Chain?” may be selected, and an additional person added to the chain.
  • At any time during routing, the PI can "recall" the proposal by unchecking the box next to his or her name. This resets the entire routing process.
  • If it is easiest for you to review the proposal as one pdf, you may opt to save the proposal as a pdf. Click the print icon in the upper right corner and choose to save the proposal (along with its accompanying attachments) as a pdf.
  • All routing activities are logged in the Routing History as well as in the Proposal History.

  • An e-mail will be sent to the next person on the routing chain that an approval action has taken place and their attention is required
  • Once you approve a proposal, your rights to edit the proposal forms are curtailed. Attachments, such as the research plan, can still be modified and added, but no changes can be made to the form data or the budget.
  • After the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) approves a proposal, all chain members (including the PI) are notified by email.
  • In accordance with the five day submission deadline, all school/institute-level approvals must be complete five full business days prior to the funding agency deadline, unless a waiver has been granted.