Administrative Establishments

In some circumstances, an award can be set-up before the execution of a final award agreement. If the following conditions apply, a principal investigator (PI) may discuss the option of an administrative establishment with an Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) staff member:

  1. A proposal packet has been routed through OVPR and submitted to the sponsor;
  2. The PI is certain that the sponsoring entity will award the project;
  3. Necessary compliance approvals have been met;
  4. The PI's department chair and dean agrees to take the risk of covering any expenditures whether funds are forthcoming or not; and
  5. The period of performance start date is sooner than expected or the period of performance start date has already passed.

Requesting an Administrative Establishment

The PI or designee may submit a request to OSP by completing the Administrative Establishment Request Form (GW login required). The request should be accompanied with correspondence from the sponsor communicating both the intent to fund the project and the anticipated start date (not required for awards in negotiation).


For more information about administrative establishments, contact an OSP staff member.