Administrative Establishments

In some circumstances, an award can be set-up before the execution of a final award agreement. If the following conditions apply, a principal investigator (PI) may discuss the option of an administrative establishment with your post-award sponsored projects administrator (SPA):

  1. A proposal packet has been routed through OVPR and submitted to the sponsor;
  2. The PI is certain that the sponsoring entity will award the project;
  3. Necessary compliance approvals have been met;
  4. The PI's department chair and dean agrees to take the risk of covering any expenditures whether funds are forthcoming or not; and
  5. The period of performance start date is sooner than expected or the period of performance start date has already passed.

Requesting an Administrative Establishment

  1. The PI submits a written request (fully signed by the department chair and associate dean for research and/or finance director) to the post-award sponsored project administrator with the following information:
    1. The period for which the administrative establishment is requested;
    2. A statement indicating that any unrecoverable costs will be borne by the home department or school; and
    3. Documentation of confirmed award start date from the sponsor.
  2. The post-award sponsored project administrator reviews the request and recommends its approval by forwarding it to the authorized signing official

For more information about administrative establishments, contact your post-award SPA.