Award Set-up

Award set-up is a process where sponsor-funded projects have financial accounts created within the university financial system, Enterprise Accounting System (EAS). EAS manages the posting of expenditures, invoicing, reporting and tracking of sponsored funds.

Award Set-up Process

Upon completion of the award negotiation and intake process, the following steps are undertaken:


Award Analysis - Data Entry - Systems Interface - Quality Assurance - Accounts Created (and PI can spend funds)


  1. The award set-up team analyzes award documents for programmatic deliverables, invoicing requirements, financial reporting requirements and any prerequisite compliance needs. Sponsored project analysts also determine and establish the appropriate accounts.
  2. Data is collected and entered in the Enterprise Accounting (Oracle) and Banner systems.
  3. A Project/Task/Award (PTA) number and a Banner Index number are created for expense accounting and payroll labor distributions.
  4. The Oracle and Banner systems interface followed by a quality inspection for system functionality and compliance.
  5. PTA numbers are provided to PI/award manager and expenditure allocation may begin.

The “Helpful Hints” page answers more commonly asked questions and special case scenarios.

Documentation and Access Required for Award Set-up

  • A fully executed award agreement;
  • A completed proposal packet;
  • A budget that matches the awarded amount (See "Helpful Hints" for more information about budget preparation);
  • A completed and fully approved cost share component (if committed);
  • A successful completion of compliance requirements (i.e., FCOI) (See "Helpful Hints" for more information on FCOI and other compliances); and
  • PI EAS Access (see "Helpful Hints" for information on getting access to EAS).

Award Notification

An award notification refers to the document from the sponsor indicating that a specific proposal has been reviewed and approved for funding. These documents can be referred to as a Notice of Grant Award (NOGA), a Grant Award Notification (GAN), a Letter of Authorization, or an award letter.

The Office of Sponsored Projects reviews the terms and conditions of the award notification. Once an award notification has been fully executed and accepted by the university, an account may be initiated.

Cross-Disciplinary Awards

For projects that involve more than one department and/or school, separate accounts are created for every unit that participates in the research project. In addition, there may be a need for other types of accounts to be created to support your project such as cost share or program income accounts. Your sponsored project analyst will help you determine the accounts that are needed. View an example of a multi-department award (PDF).

Administrative Establishments

In some circumstances, an award can be set-up before the full execution of a final award instrument. Review the requirements and process for this type of award set-up, known as an administrative establishment.