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Electronic Research Administration (eRA) Project

The modernization of core research infrastructure is essential to support GW’s vibrant and growing research community. In response to GW's strategic initiative to enhance the research experience and feedback gathered during the faculty-led research ecosystem review, the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) is spearheading the implementation of myResearch, an enhanced electronic research administration (eRA) tool.

When fully implemented, myResearch will be GW’s integrated online system for proposal development and sponsored award management.


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myResearch will:

  • address a number of recommendations made through the faculty-led ecosystem review, focusing on pre-award and post-award functions;
  • reduce administrative burden for more than 3,000 investigators and research staff;
  • streamline processes and workflows;
  • facilitate and automate communication among ecosystem stakeholders;
  • improve transparency throughout the proposal process;
  • capture necessary data to ensure robust analytics and reporting capabilities;
  • establish necessary internal controls; and
  • integrate numerous research administration functions in one centralized location.

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myResearch will provide a number of time-saving features for the GW research community, including:

  • templates and versioning that will reduce time spent creating proposals;
  • ability to copy and revise proposals;
  • dashboard style work queues;
  • online budget development;
  • ”smartForms” with default values from sponsor and GW that will minimize data entry and input errors;
  • agreements, terms and conditions that utilize Microsoft Word for improved editing and version control;
  • ability to view portfolio of proposals that were submitted through myResearch; and
  • built-in support for compliance and regulatory matters that will make requirements and actions clearer



The eRA project commenced in spring 2019 with a needs assessment and development of a request for proposals. A committee of stakeholders unanimously selected a vendor in winter 2019 and the onboarding phase began in spring 2020.

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Planning & Onboarding

Spring 2019 -
Fall 2020

Assess and select vendor, refine the project plan, and define project capabilities through in-depth onboarding

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Design & Iteration

Winter -
Summer 2021

Iteratively create, configure, validate and refine system and process changes

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Fall 2021

Conduct testing sessions with stakeholders, log and resolve issues

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Training & Deployment

Winter 2021

Review and load data configurations, conduct trainings, adapt changes

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Winter 2021 & Ongoing

Provide ongoing user support, training and resources, troubleshoot issues and fine-tune changes

View Detailed Accomplishments and Activities by Phase



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Key Collaborators

  • Faculty Senate Research Committee
  • School Research Leadership
  • School Research Administrators
  • Office of the Vice President for Research
  • GW Information Technology
  • Grants and Contracts Accounting Services


Senior leadership within the Office of the Vice President for Research and GW Information Technology


Sanctioned project, approved budget, etc.


Faculty and staff representation, including faculty leaders of each of the research administration pods and leadership within the Office of Sponsored Projects and Enterprise Information Services


Makes final decisions when changes to scope, budget or time are involved


Includes a faculty representative, directors within the Office of Sponsored Projects, leadership within Grants and Contracts Accounting Services, managers of research administration pods, and project leads from GW Information Technology


Participates in project meetings and makes decisions on functional and technical areas of project


Includes school research administrators (SRAs) and staff from the Office of Sponsored Projects, GW Information Technology, and Grants and Contracts Accounting Services.


Provides input for critical decision points and expertise to Business Owners


Representatives from Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) and GW Information Technology (GWIT)


Manages day-to-day logistics of the project, including project documentation, planning, scheduling, communications, etc.


As myResearch nears deployment, training will be made available for the GW research community. Those details will be posted here, and distributed widely, when they are available.



If you have any questions or feedback about myResearch, please email us at [email protected].