The selection of collaborators who will ultimately become subawardees begins at the proposal development phase. Early communication with the subawardee is critical. Once you have identified your project collaborators, the following information will be required in your proposal:

  • Subrecipient Commitment Form (PDF) completed by the subawardee
  • Scope of work (SOW)/set of deliverables with schedule (detailed and comprehensive enough to accurately evaluate the success of the subawardee)
  • Budget and budget narrative
  • F&A or applicable rate agreement of subaward

Additional information, as per Section F of the Subrecipient Commitment Form, may be required depending on the sponsor or type of award.


Subrecipient Commitment Form

The subrecipient organization (whether domestic or foreign) is expected to complete the GW Subrecipient Commitment Form (PDF).

The required documents listed in Section F of the form should be attached to the subrecipient commitment form. The completed and signed Subrecipient Commitment Form with attachments should be sent to the GW principal investigator/project director via email as one single PDF.

Each subrecipient organization requires a separate subrecipient commitment form with all required attachments.

Please note that the subrecipient commitment form is internal to the university and is not submitted to the sponsor.

A Note for International Subrecipients

For foreign/international subrecipients, the Subrecipient Commitment Form may have questions that are not applicable to their organization. The organization should respond “N/A” or leave blank as applicable and if their organization has documents or information that would be equivalent, they can provide it to the university.

The Office of Sponsored Projects will review the commitment form and any attachments to determine if additional information is necessary before the proposal is approved.