Prepare to Apply

If you are interested in preparing a proposal for submission, endeavor to start early, plan ahead and be organized.

Start Early

It is critical to select a funding opportunity that is a good fit for your expertise and career stage and aligns with the research missions of your department and the university. By starting early, you can research the funding agency where you would like to apply and learn how the application forms and process will work.

Plan Ahead

Once you have selected an appropriate funding opportunity, the next step is to think about the scope of work and how much it will cost to carry out the project/program. A timeline should be established that will allow sufficient time for you to prepare, communicate, gather estimates of necessary costs, write, edit, incorporate feedback, and do more editing until a final proposal is completed.

Be Organized

When preparing to apply, build in as much time as possible to deal with unforeseen circumstances and unexpected delays. It is always recommended that proposals are submitted to the sponsor before the actual deadline. The internal deadline for routing the complete and final proposal to the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) is five full business days before the submission deadline. 

Notice of Intent to Submit a Proposal

Create the proposal in myResearch as early as possible. OSP reviews every proposal for compliance with relevant federal, sponsor and university guidelines prior to its submission to the sponsor. OSP requests that investigators provide advance notification of their intent (NOI) to submit a proposal so that OSP can ensure the appropriate staffing and time for this review. Creating your proposal in myResearch will serve as your NOI to the Office of Sponsored Projects. 

Sponsored Projects PI Eligibility

The individual designated to serve as the principal investigator (PI) is responsible for leading the sponsored project having technical knowledge, skills, expertise and resources to carry out project-related activities during the pre-award process, award acceptance, post-award monitoring and reporting.  PI eligibility for a Sponsored Project does not rest with the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP). GW schools participating in sponsored projects are responsible for making a determination about PI eligibility for each Sponsored Project. Some GW schools or units may have specific guidance about who can perform as the principal investigator and how to request an exception. For a Sponsored Project, the funding announcement will set forth requirements and expectations for the prospective principal investigator, which may include specific qualifications, credentials, certifications or licensures, position title, rank or appointment type, student or fellow. For the myResearch funding proposal, a GWID and GW email address are required for the principal investigator. For specific guidance, please contact the assigned Pod Manager or the Associate Dean for Research for your school.  Please refer to the Office of Human Research (OHR) website for PI Eligibility on human subjects studies.


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