PI Dashboard FAQs

Please read through the below FAQ lists for help with the PI Dashboard.

Access & Login

Training & Tool Usage

Access & Login

How can I get access to the PI Dashboard?

To get access to the PI Dashboard, please send an email to [email protected] that includes:

  • Full Name
  • GW NetID

If you would like to request access on behalf of another GW employee who helps you manage your awards, please provide the above information for each individual you are requesting access for.

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How do I log in?

Log in to the PI Dashboard using your GW NetID credentials whenever you are prompted to log in.

Please contact the Division of Information Technology at 202-994-GWIT (4948) or [email protected] if you need help with your GW NetID.

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Why can't I see any information?

The PI Dashboard provides insight into sensitive data about research projects, and is secured for use only by GW personnel associated with research.

If you are accessing this page from outside of the GW network, you must establish a secure VPN connection before being able to view information in the PI Dashboard. If you are signing into the GW VPN site for the first time, follow the on-screen prompts to install the Java plugin (one-time) so that the secure VPN connection can be established successfully.  For more information on how to access university systems and resources from off campus using the VPN, visit this link for a solution published on our new GWiz knowledge management portal that explains the steps to connect to VPN.

Please contact GW IT Support Center ([email protected]) or call  (202) 994-GWIT for assistance if you continue to experience VPN technical difficulties.

If you previously established a VPN connection, please revisit the VPN login page to verify that your session did not automatically time out.

If you are accessing the PI Dashboard through a computer or facility not provided by GW, please contact your local service provider for help with your system.

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Training & Tool Usage

Is there any training available?

Please view the Training Materials for tips on how to navigate the Visualizations and Reports. If you need any assistance with training, please email [email protected] for training assistance.

If you are having trouble viewing the training materials on your system, please contact IT Support for help.

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Can I trust the data?

Yes, you can! The information displayed through the PI Dashboard is taken directly from EAS/Oracle and BANNER and doesn't change sources, workflows, or processes in place. All of the data contained in those two systems is extracted at the end of each day and made available to PI Dashboard users on the following day.

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But the information for my award doesn't seem right...

Please keep in mind that the PI Dashboard only provides access to information that was recorded in EAS/Oracle and BANNER by the end of the prior day. Same-day information updates are not reflected in the PI Dashboard. Data quality matches and depends on quality of data in EAS/Oracle and BANNER. Users have access to see all the data that EAS/Oracle security rules allow that user to see. If you need access to see other awards, please contact your EAS/Oracle Administrator to update your security profile and gain access to view additional awards.

If there seems to be an issue with the information for your account, please send a detailed description of the issue to [email protected]

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What does this piece of data mean?

Please refer to the online PI Dashboard Data Dictionary for an explanation of the data elements used throughout the PI Dashboard.

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I love this! What else is in the works?

We are thrilled you've found the PI Dashboard to be a useful resource. For information on features delivered in the latest release or the upcoming features, please visit the Features Delivered and Under Development. If you would like to be included in a focus group to help test future product updates before they are released to all users, please volunteer by emailing [email protected]

We appreciate your help!

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I have a thought...

Great! We love getting user feedback, and use your thoughts to continuously prioritize and improve features of the PI Dashboard, as well as its supporting materials. Please send any thoughts to [email protected]

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