Award Modifications

When project modifications (i.e., revised budgets, no-cost extensions, etc.) are necessary, principal investigators (PIs) must provide adequate justification and ensure required approvals are obtained.

OSP Prior Approval Requests

Some modifications require special review and approval by the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP), on behalf of the university. These are known as OSP prior approval requests and include:

  • Administrative Extensions
  • Administrative Funding
  • Internal Budgeting Revision
  • Grantee Approved No-Cost Extension (NCE)
  • Pre-Award Spending

Sponsor Prior Approval Requests

Other modifications, such as those listed below, may require prior approval from the sponsor. These sponsor prior approval requests must be signed by the principal investigator (PI) and routed through OSP for review and AOR approval (or authorization).

  • Change in Scope
  • Change in Key Personnel
  • Supplemental Funding
  • Budgeting Revisions
  • Carryover Funding
  • Sponsor Approved No-Cost Extension (NCE)
  • Grant Transfers

Please note that all Prior Approval requests should be made through myResearch.

Non-Competing Applications

Non-competing requests are handled by the OSP Award Management Team as a modification to an existing award.  myResearch funding proposal does not need to be routed for non-competing applications. For competing application, guidance is provided on the Guidelines and Tips for Proposals webpage.



Is this the right OSP team to handle my request?

Continuation or Progress Report on multi-year federal proposals. GW submitted a multi-year proposal and received a multi-year sub-award or a non-federal award, and the sponsor requests that GW provide documents annually
before they issue a modification.
GW submitted a one-year proposal and received a one-year sub-award or Non-Federal award. The sponsor requests that GW continue the existing SOW without competing for the additional period.
  • Documents must be submitted to the SPA through myResearchRequest Award Modification” functionality.

  • Sponsor requests documents to issue modification for the next period.

  • Requests for documents are sponsor specific but usually include SOW, budget, budget justification, rate agreement, and  subrecipient Commitment Form and/or Reps and Certs signed by an AOR.

myResearch Modification Quick Reference Sheet