Requesting and Renewing a Subaward

At the onset of a new award, when adding a new subaward, or when requesting an annual renewal of a subaward, the documents that were submitted at the time of proposal should be reviewed by the principal investigator (PI) or project director to confirm there are no necessary changes in scope of work, budget or budget narrative.

When requesting a new subaward you will need:

  • A confirmation that the proposed/original statement of work, budget, budget narrative and F&A agreement has not changed; and
  • Audit documents (Single Audit and/or A-133 Audit and/or Audited Financial Statement) of the subrecipient.

Requests that include the above information should be sent to [email protected]. An analyst will be assigned to work with the department or principal investigator on drafting, negotiating and executing the subaward.

Download the form to request a subaward (PDF)