Helpful Hints


The award set-up process involves entering award data by the sponsored project analyst into Oracle to establish budget line items.

A budget matching the awarded amount is required to set up an award. If the awarded amount differs from the budget that was submitted with the proposal, then the budget will need to be updated.

Any revision of the budget should be provided to the sponsored project analyst prior to award set-up to avoid delays.

Budgets should be comprehensive enough to delineate the major expense categories and any burdened categories such as fringe benefit and indirect costs. Projects involving multiple departments should have a budget that accurately reflects the expenses of each department separately.

  • See the Chart of Accounts and use the descriptions and account numbers provided in your internal budgets for the set-up process.
  • More information about budget preparation can be found in the Proposal Development section.


As required by the federal government, all PHS-funded investigators must have a current and approved Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) disclosure on file with the university.

An award may be set-up in EAS while the FCOI disclosure form is being prepared and awaiting approval, however the award will have a status of “ON HOLD.” This status means that the principal investigator (PI) may not expend funds until the FCOI disclosure form is submitted and approved. To submit or update an FCOI disclosure form, the PI should contact the Office of Research Integrity at [email protected].

Other compliances such as IRB, IACUC, FFTA, etc. will not hold the award set-up process.

Getting Access to the Enterprise Accounting Systems (EAS)/Oracle

The PI is responsible for the management of all scientific, technical, compliance, financial and administrative aspects of a sponsored award. PIs must have access to Oracle prior to award set-up to manage the financial components of an award.