OSP Staff by Function

The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) staff is organized into four distinct functional groups (Pre-Award Management; Contracts and Award Acceptance; Award Set-up and Subaward Management; and Post-Award Management) in addition to the Research Enhancement Unit.

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Shandra White, Director, Office of Sponsored Projects and Research Enhancement Unit
E-mail Shandra  |  202-994-3744

Emily Gates, Administrative Assistant
E-mail Emily  |  202-994-0728

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Research Enhancement Unit

The Research Enhancement Unit (REU) of the Office of Sponsored Projects provides investigators with services and guidance to successfully apply for federally-sponsored research funding.

Shari Thompson, Research Enhancement Analyst
E-mail Shari  |  202-994-7991

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Pre-Award Management

The Pre-Award Management unit works with principal investigators and research staff on proposal development and are assigned to review all proposals prior to submission.

Monique Foxx, Assistant Director, Pre-Award Management
E-mail Monique  |  202-994-0896

Kai-Kong Chan, Sponsored Projects Manager, Pre-Award
E-mail Kai  |  202-994-3339

Rebekka Egger, Sponsored Projects Administrator, Pre-Award
E-mail Rebekka  |  202-994-0903

Radojka (Rada) Faguy, Sponsored Projects Administrator Pre-Award
E-mail Rada  |  202-994-6815

Jennifer Fisher, Sponsored Projects Analyst, Pre-Award
E-mail Jennifer | 202-994-5489

Akua Harris, Sponsored Projects Administrator Pre-Award
E-mail Akua  |  202-994-6329

Carolyn Harvey, Sponsored Projects Administrator Pre-Award
E-mail Carolyn  |  202-994-6987

Deborah (Debby) Pomerantz, Sponsored Projects Administrator Pre-Award
E-mail Debby  |  202-994-1609

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Contracts and Award Acceptance

The Contracts and Award Acceptance unit is made up of contracting officers who are responsible for negotiating terms and conditions on behalf of the university in addition to accepting sponsored project awards.

Sylvia Ezekilova, Associate Director, Sponsored Projects Administration
E-mail Sylvia  |  202-994-6076

Jennifer Liasson, Senior Contracting Officer
E-mail Jennifer  |  202-994-1514

Charles Maples, Senior Contracting Officer
E-mail Charles  |  202-994-3909

Lisa O'Neill, Contracting Officer
E-mail Lisa  |  202-994-7525

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Award Set-up and Subaward Management

The Award Set-up and Subaward Management unit is made up of award analysts, subaward analysts and others who work to ensure a smooth set-up of new awards and initiation and management of all subawards.


Ted McKoy, Assistant Director, Award Set-up and Subaward Management
E-mail Ted  |  202-994-1784

Kenrick Kennedy, Sponsored Projects Manager
E-mail Kenrick  |  202-994-3452

Dagmar Christensen, Sponsored Projects Analyst, Subaward
E-mail Dagmar  |  202-994-1588

Karen Johnson, Sponsored Projects Associate, Award Management
E-mail Karen  |  202-994-1086

Langton Mahechani, Sponsored Project Analyst, Award Management
E-mail Langton  |  202-994-1991

Lorenzo Miles, Sponsored Projects Coordinator, Subaward
E-mail Lorenzo  |  202-994-2462

Joshua Murray, Sponsored Projects Analyst, Award Setup
E-mail Joshua  |  202-994-7990

Rachma Saukani, Sponsored Projects Analyst, Subaward
E-mail Rachma  |  202-994-1552

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Post-Award Management

The Post-Award Management unit works with principal investigators and research staff during the management of an award, reviewing and monitoring activity to ensure compliance with university and sponsor regulations.

Alma Starks, Assistant Director, Post Award Management
E-mail Alma  |  202-994-7995

Robert Harrison, Sponsored Projects Coordinator, Post-Award
E-mail Robert  |  202-994-8636

Tracy Clark, Sponsored Projects Manager
E-mail Tracy  |  202-994-6030

Gloria Cruz-Maldonado, Sponsored Projects Manager, Compliance and Education
E-mail Gloria  |  202-994-0875

Robert Pitysingh, Sponsored Projects Manager
E-mail Robert  |  202-994-1805

Nasra Abdi, Sponsored Project Administrator Post-Award
E-mail Nasra  |  202-994-1610

Candy Butler-Taswell, Sponsored Projects Administrator Post-Award
E-mail Candy  |  202-994-8453

Terrence Coyne, Sponsored Projects Administrator Post-Award
E-mail Terrence  |  202-994-1079

Rita Dikdan, Sponsored Projects Analyst, Post-Award Compliance and Education
E-mail Rita  |  202-994-5058

Begai Johnson, Sponsored Projects Administrator Post-Award
E-mail Begai  |  202-994-2698

Nasrin Khoshand, Sponsored Projects Administrator Post-Award
E-mail Nasrin  |  202-994-8300

Nartasha Richards, Sponsored Projects Administrator Post-Award
E-mail Nartasha  |  202-994-5522