Proposal Development

Developing a proposal is a time intensive endeavor that requires planning, shepherding resources, collaborating with peers and research support staff and fine-tuning a project’s scope and goals. The development of a complete proposal includes, but is not limited to:

School research administrators (SRA) and/or pre-award sponsored projects administrators (SPA) in your research administration pod will be important resources to you as you plan and develop your proposal.

Helpful Resources


Before you get started on your proposal, there are a number of considerations to think through. These guidelines and tips will help to ensure you are planning and completing a thorough proposal that is compliant with all sponsor and GW guidelines. They will also help to ensure you are preparing a realistic timeline in preparing your proposal

As you complete the proposal, there may be information about GW that the sponsor requires. The institutional information includes a number of items, including institutional codes and numbers, fringe rates, facilities and administration rates, official contacts and links to our annual reports and other financial documents

Electronic Systems