After You Submit

Once the proposal is successfully submitted and accepted by the sponsor, there is a post-submission period during which the sponsor will perform their administrative review.

Requests from the Sponsor

During this post-submission period the sponsor may contact the university to request additional information/documentation. These requests may include:

  • revised budgets,
  • IRB and/or IACUC approvals,
  • verification of F&A rate agreement,
  • clarification of other support, or
  • general inquiries to help the sponsor make a determination whether the project should be awarded.

NIH refers to these requests as Just-In-Time (JIT). Often, the sponsor will require a very short turnaround time to respond to these requests.

Post-submission requests should be submitted to the sponsor by the university’s authorized organizational representative (AOR).

Sponsor Communications

Please forward any official communication received from the sponsor, including a notification of award, to the Office of Sponsored Projects.

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