When a sponsored project requires collaboration with an external investigator or entity, the establishment of a subrecipient agreement may be necessary. A subaward establishes the scope of work for these third party collaborators and establishes the responsibilities and deliverables that define success for their contribution to the overall project.

Considerations and requirements for proposing, establishing, managing and closing-out subawards parallel to those for the overall project.

Subawards can be contrasted with subcontracts or contracts for service. A subcontract is a legal instrument to provide goods and or services to the university. Usually, the subcontractor provides these goods and services in their normal business operations, in a competitive environment and will not have discretion or programmatic decision making ability.

Developing Proposals with Subrecipients

The selection of collaborators who will ultimately become subrecipients begins at the proposal development phase. See the "Subrecipients" content in the Proposal Development section for more details.

Request a Sub-Award 

Requesting a Sub-award can be performed in myResearch.