Five Day Submission Deadline

Sponsored projects proposals are due to the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) FIVE BUSINESS DAYS prior to the sponsor’s deadline. It is important to note that this is calculated from the start of the business day.

Example five-day submission calendar

Example five-day calendar

Proposals, in paper or electronic form, should be submitted to the appropriate pre-award sponsored projects administrator in OSP in final form[1] five (5) full business days prior to the funding agency deadline. The final proposal application should include:

  • A signed and completed GW Routing Form (including signed forms from any collaborating units)
  • FINAL Sponsor’s form pages (completed in Cayuse, Fastlane, or other sponsor systems)
  • FINAL GW internal budget form
  • FINAL Budget justification (if applicable)
  • DRAFT proposal narrative (Including detailed Scope of Work)
  • FINAL Collaborators’ Letters of Intent
  • FINAL statement of work
  • FINAL budget
  • If PHS Funded[2]: documentation of all Financial Conflict of Interest documentation and trainings completed[3]
  • If applicable: Requests for Indirect Cost Waivers, Minimum Effort Waivers, and Publication Waivers

Any items that require collaboration or review and approval by senior university leadership (i.e. letters of support, cost sharing, conflict of interest, etc.) must be finalized prior to submission and final review by OSP.

The final proposal narrative is due to OSP at the start of business two (2) full business days prior to the funding agency deadline.

If the proposal is not submitted by the five day deadline, outcomes may include: (a) return to the principal investigator (PI), (b) submission with minimal or no OSP review, (c) withholding from submission if the proposal is nonconforming to sponsor guidelines and regulations and/or GW policies, (d) post-submission scrutiny which may result in withdrawal from competition by GW, (e) if awarded, a delayed start date because of additional time needed to review terms and conditions.


[1] PIs may make minor changes to the routed body of proposal up to the time of submission, but any last minute changes to internal or external budgets must be re-routed with assurance that PI and other affected parties have approved the changes.
[2] And other agencies/entities that have adopted PHS FCOI regulations.
[3] For “Investigators” as defined by 42 CFR Part 50 and 42 CFR Part 94.