Under the direction of the Vice Provost for Research, the Office of Sponsored Projects supports faculty and staff engaged in sponsored research activity.

Sylvia Ezekilova

Assistant Vice Provost, Sponsored Projects

Sylvia Ezekilova has more than 20 years of professional experience in proposal review and approval, award acceptance and negotiation, post-award administration, subaward management, compliance monitoring, and training. During her time at GW, she has gained more than 10 years of progressively responsible experience in research administration. Ms. Ezekilova spearheaded the training of local staff on these topics.

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Monique Foxx

Assistant Director, Pre-Award Management

Monique Foxx joined the Office of Sponsored Projects in January 2015 as the assistant director for pre-award management. She has served in multiple leadership roles for academic and not-for-profit organizations with 20 years of experience in research administration. Monique oversees and directs a professional and highly-productive team responsible for providing technical guidance and ensuring compliance for investigators seeking external funding. In addition to managing central proposal development and pre-award activities, she is responsible for facilitating education and training to faculty and administrators related to pre-award topics. Monique continues to partner with the research administration community, stakeholders and ancillary offices with a focus on pre-award business processes to meet priorities and demands of the ever-changing landscape on compliance requirements and Federal regulations. Monique earned her bachelor's degree in biology from Hampton University and her master's degree in health services administration from George Washington University.

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Ted McKoy

Assistant Director, Award Set-up and Subaward Management

Ted McKoy oversees the subaward and award set-up processes within the Office of Sponsored Projects. He has more than 17 years of experience in research and grant administration with particular interests in systems interfacing, process improvements, efficiency development and system automation. Ted’s previous employers include Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, the Harvard Cancer Center and the National Cancer Institute. He has been at GW’s Office of the Vice Provost for Research for more than eight years.

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Claire Stamm

Assistant Director, Contracts

Claire Stamm oversees the negotiation of contracts and acceptance of awards for the Office of Sponsored Projects. Claire’s background lies in law; she earned a Juris Doctorate from the University of Mississippi. She has more than a decade of experience in negotiation and has worked in research administration at two academic institutions prior to coming to GW. Claire has given numerous presentations at NCURA conferences on contract negotiation and was published in NCURA’s July 2023 edition of Administering Research Contracts.

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Alma Starks

Assistant Director, Post-Award Management

Alma Starks is the Assistant Director of Post-Award Management at GW. Alma has substantial expertise in aspects of sponsored projects, including pre-award, award set up, financial accounting, post-award management and award close out. She has 19 years’ experience working in higher-education institutions. At GW, she oversees sponsored project post-award management, including providing training to central office staff, department/school administrators, and PIs. Alma is pivotal in major process improvement and system implementation for managing GW sponsored projects. She played a significant role in developing the PI Dashboard, an online tool for PIs to access personalized award information in a user-friendly and informative way.

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